Artisanal Mezcals - The Premier Importer & Wholesaler of Finest Mezcal in Nevada
Artisanal Mezcals - The Premier Importer & Wholesaler of Finest Mezcal in Nevada

Artisanal Mezcals, from Oaxaca to the World.   We are having a liquidation sale in time for the Holiday shopping season!            Call us today.

"Mezcal is one of the world’s great spirits: complex, gorgeous and endlessly intriguing, distinguished like great wines by a strong sense of place. Mezcal is little known, however, and even less understood, but paradoxically has been anointed as the Next Big Thing." Eric Asimov, New York Times.
Mezcal is Hip, is hot, is trendy and in high demand, but also a very scarce product. Get it while supplies last, very limited stock available. 

 Why Mezcal? Why Now?

Certified Mezcal 100% Agave espadìn, 750 ml Collector's Item Bottle Mezcal 5 Diamantes Añejo (Aged 3 years)

Certified organic Mezcal, 100% Agave Espadìn, 48.5% Alcohol content, Añejo or Reposado, from San Juan del Rio,  Oaxaca Mexico region.

Presentation:750 ml Bottle


Mezcal Marillero Tobalá & Arroqueño

A complex Mezcal, herbaceous and earthy, with a peppery, smoky finish.

From the Sola de Vega region in Oaxaca.

100% Certified Arroqueño Agave

Presentation:750 ml Bottle

Cinco Diamantes Reposado (Rested 1 year)

Certified 100% Agave Espadin,  Alc.Vol. 47.2% from San Juan del Rio region, Oaxaca


  • 750 ML Bottle
  • 50 ML Bottle (Minibar Size)
Wild Agaves Mezcal Memorable Mezcal Memorable

Wild Agaves Mezcal Collection.

  • Madrecuishe
  • Bicuishe
  • Tepeztate
  • Arroqueño
  • Espadin

Miahuatlán Region, Oaxaca

Presentation:750 ml Bottle and 50 ML bottle (Minibar size)

We are the premier Importer and Wholesaler of SIP Grade Mezcals from Oaxaca, Mexico.


Our brands are not sold on the big box retailers, we are very authentic, traditional small business that does all the hard-work, so you can enjoy authentic Mezcal, we travel to Oaxaca , so you don't have to, and bring you the best Artisanal Mezcal.

Our experience with Mezcal dates back to more than 30 years ago, before the hype and the trendy hot item that it is today, and our main competitive advantage is that we are the only one importer & wholesaler in the US that are better positioned to bring the most authentic Mezcals, we have the expertise and the knowledge to find the hidden gems.

The Founder of Artisanal Mezcals is a native of Mexico and have deep roots in Oaxaca.

Our goal is to become the Importer with the best selection of High-end Mezcals, where you will find the best, and not just the over-the-counter, tired, commercial  brands you find these days in the big-box stores and on-line available in the US.


We guarantee every product we sell is authentic, but best of all, is unique and a rare find.

SIP-Grade Mezcals now in Nevada:

Artisanal Mezcal hand-crafted, old fashion distilled Mezcal in small batches.

Artisanal Mezcals is an importer in Northern Nevada serving the US and the World  markets for top-shelf, high-end mezcal.

We travel to the deep sierras and small villages in the Oaxaca state ,Mexico to scout the best and most traditional 'Mezcalilleros', we acquire the small batches they produce and import them to the US to be enjoyed and appreciated by the world.

Find varieties of Mezcal in our products, from the un-aged (Joven) to the 3-5 years aged (añejo), to the very rare like Mezcal de Pechuga and the Tobalá (Wild Agave) Mezcal.

We are constantly adding brands to our  catalog, so feel free to come back often and check it out.

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Mezcal Cinco Diamantes Añejo Mezcal Cinco Diamantes Añejo

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