www.Artisanal Mezcals.com , the most authentic Mezcals from Oaxaca
www.Artisanal Mezcals.com , the most authentic Mezcals from Oaxaca

Marillero - Sola de Vega Region

A very unique finding of which we are really proud, one of our exclusive brands.

Mezcal Marillero is artisanal Mezcal 100% Artisanal, traditionally made in the Sola de Vega region of Oaxaca.

 The micro-climate and rich soil nurture the Arroqueño, Tobalá (Wild Agave) and Espadìn agaves that are used to distill this authentic Mezcal.

We have the following varieties:

  • Mezcal Marillero Tobalá 375 ml bottle, Kosher certified
  • Mezcal Marillero Arroqueño 750 ml bottle: Available, in stock, limited quantities!


Artisanal Mezcals is the exclusive Importer & Distributor in the US of this fine Mezcal.

We proudly support small producers in Oaxaca.


Mezcal is hot, is trendy and in high demand, but also a very scarce product. Get it while supplies last, very limited stock available.


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