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www.Artisanal Mezcals.com , the most authentic Mezcals from Oaxaca

Mezcal Memorable

Aficionados of world-class mezcal have cause for celebration as the entire range of Memorable Mezcal Artisanal from wild agaves is now available in the States. There are a number of singular aspects to these artisanal gems. Each of the 5 Memorable Mezcals features a different variety of wild agave, and hail from a different growing region.

For example, Memorable Arroqueño is distilled by Master Mescalero Tito Pablo entirely from Arroqueño agaves at Santiago Yogana  in Oaxaca. Memorable Madrecuishe is the handiwork of Felipe Hernandez from Las Salinas Coatecas, and Memorable Bicuishe is made exclusively from Bicuise wild agaves by Master Jose Diaz Bustamante of El Tecolote Miahuatlán. Memorable Tepeztate features artisanal production from Las Salinas Coatecas, while Memorable Espadín is distilled in the region Miahuatlán de Porfirio Diaz, Oaxaca.

Wild Agave Mezcal is extremely scarce product and stocks are very limited because of the nature of wild agaves (they take longer to grow).

Wild Agave Mezcal Collection from Miahuatlán Oaxaca, Mexico

Young Mezcal,100% Artisanal and certified.

The Wild Bunch has arrived!


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